The simple solution

home_img1A.L.S.SignProfile is especially designed for the sign industry. With this unique system you can produce representative letters in no time at extremely low costs. Working with A.L.S.SignProfile does not require big investments and you can easily put together a simply built-up letter in 30-45 minutes.

A.L.S.SignProfile has been designed by professional people who know the letter and sign industry, which is precisely why all the tools and operations are aimed at your special field. The flexibel aluminium profiles simply follow the curves of any required letter or logo. The material is of high quality aluminium. After painting or powder coating, A.L.S.SignProfile is resistant to all weather conditions and is easy to clean. For the best reflection of the light, you have to paint the inside of the built-up letter (dull ) white. A.L.S.SignProfile profiles are available in 2 meters length. There are different height and thickness measurements. Of course the aluminium profiles are also available at request in any RAL colour powder coated or painted.

A.L.S.SignProfile profiles can truly be described as “The simple solution”. Therefore it is the perfect addition to your product range. And should a built-up letter be dismolished, with A.L.S.SignProfile you can make another one in no time.

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