New trim cap from SignTrim

home_img2Without trim cap profile 5 would not be profile 5; because thanks to this plastic strip the acrylic glass front sticks to the aluminium box of the channel or bult-up letters. Proprofil now presents a new series of trim cap, which is to score points in two things: with regard to the available colors and available lengths. This self-developed profile, under the name SignTrim, is not only available in the usual length of 4 meters, but also on coils of 50 meters. The coils have a diameter of 63 cm and a center diameter of 32 cm. The aluminium inside of this trim cap is just like the competition, 50 microns. The SignTrim trim cap is available in a range of 21 standard and 17 Silverline colors. (On request any color is available from an order quantity of 1,500 meters) SignTrim comes in three versions on the market:
  • 1. SignTrim-One, 4/5 ” 20mm “J” trim cap. Available on coils of 100 mtr.
  • 2. SignTrim-Classic, 1 “ 25mm “F” trim cap. Available on coils of 50 mtr. and in lengths of 4 mtr.
  • 3. SignTrim-XL, 2” 50mm “F” trim cap. Available on coils of 50 mtr.

Thanks to the latest trim cap, a new type character has arisen because you can put this trim cap to the 3mm not shining front and put an 10mm clear acrylic bottom in and mounted LED lights on the base plate. You can make easily and cheap built-up letters profile-1 and 3 (Not lighting and indirect lighting).

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