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Carefull: Always use the special ProProfil-tools for making ProProfil-Built-up letters.

The material:
Backplate of the letter: use hard foam with 10 mm thickness. Frontplate of the letter: use acrylics with 3 mm thickness. For easy fitting, diam.frontplate 1.5 till 2.0 mm more than the backplate.

Setting of the 1st. curve: start 2 to 3 cm from the 1st. Corner.(Foto No.2) Other curners are set by marking off and measuring, taking the backplate as form. At the end of the letter profile, snip off or cut and fix it with special aluminium glue to the above mentioned 2 to 3 cm.

Finish: After putting the trim cap on the frontplate you can use acryl-glue for fixing the trim cap. By small letters only the backside and by big letters both sides of the trim cap on the frontplate. With screws the frontplate can be fixed to the letter.


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