Alu. profile, raw aluminium
PAB-0606 2000x060x0,6mm
PAB-0806 2000x080x0,6mm
PAB-1006 2000x100x0,6mm
PAB-1326 2000x132x0,6mm

PAB-0607 2000x060x0,7mm
PAB-0807 2000x080x0,7mm
PAB-1007 2000x100x0,7mm
PAB-1327 2000x132x0,7mm

PAB-0608 2000x060x0,8mm
PAB-0808 2000x080x0,8mm
PAB-1008 2000x100x0,8mm
PAB-1328 2000x132x0,8mm

ProProfile foam tape
PZN-119 9mmx11mtr.

Our production makes it possible to offer the aluminium profiles also in different sizes.
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