SignTrim Silverline

CAB Kunststof – form trip cap aluminium inside

Classic F – form trip cap, length of 4mtr 25mm
One J – form tim cap, coil of 100mtr 20mm
Classic F – form tim cap, coil of 50mtr 25mm
XL F – form tim cap, coil of 50mtr 50mm
signtrimsilverlineNL_1 signtrimsilverlineNL_2
S-100 Silver & black square checkered
S-111 Knurled points silver
S-122 Brushed satin silver
S-133 Vertical satin silver lines
S-144 Silver diamond
S-155 Glossy carbon
S-166 Horizontal satin silver lines
S-177 Diagonal satin silver lines
S-188 Satin silver + central embossed line
S-199 Prismatic silver
S-200 Fantasy silver
S-821 Alu. glossy metallic green
S-921 Alu. glossy metallic blue
S-560 Alu. glossy black
S-680 Alu. glossy white
S-721 Alu. glossy red
S-440 Alu. glossy yellow


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